Corporate Responsibility

Tri-Tex firmly believes in sustainable development, providing environmentally sound products, and maintining our position as a respected leader in the global chemical industry.

Tri-Tex has developed and implemented a container recycling system that allows us to maximize container life-cycle, and ensure that they are properly recycled. 

An incinerator for chemical products was recently installed at the Tri-tex plant that safely eliminates by-products in its combustion chamber.  This has allowed us to reduce our natural gas consumption by 90%.

We have optimized all of our production processes to reduce combustion and the energy required for cooling.

With the help of Hydro-Quebec, we have created an energy-saving lighting system which provides light only to areas of our facility that are in operation.

Tri-Tex engineers have created an advanced, computer-controlled energy-saving system that manages our heating and air conditioning systems, resulting in a significant decrease in energy consumption.

We are committed to the safe elimination of all products considered dangerous to personal health or the environment.

Tri-Tex has completely eliminated the use of nonylphenols and ethoxylates, contributing to the protection of our waterways.

We have established a waste-water management policy in cooperation with governmental authorities that reduces treatment at the filtration plant.

The protection of the environment is a fundamental priority for Tri-Tex and all of its employees.

We constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and to provide safe and environmentally friendly products.

Tri-Tex is committed to environmental sustainability, and prides itself on having a positive impact on our communities and providing a healthy work environment for our employees.

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