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You may not see our logo on the shirts you wear, the paper you write on, or the floors that you walk on, but we work extremely hard to ensure their quality. 

We work in close collaboration with a wide variety of manufacturers to enhance their products with our collection of advanced and high-quality chemical products.


Tri-Tex is the result of a merger of two companies, Texall and Trichromatic.

In 1938 the companies were separately involved in the textile and paper industries, producing and selling a variety of chemical products.
We have made many acquisitions since the founding of our company, diversifying our product line and extending our reach within the chemical industry. 

Our wide range of products offer our customers a variety of applications and solutions to help them manufacture high-quality products.


Tri-Tex is proud to be a Canadian-based leader in the global chemical industry.

Our mission is to support the continuous growth of our customers through the use of cutting-edge chemical and dye technologies.

At Tri-Tex, the long-term relationships we have created with our clients allows us to better identify their problems and needs.

By combining our industry expertise with customer-focused service, we are able to provide products and services that are tailored to each customer`s specific needs.


Tri-Tex was built on a reputation for reliable products, a tradition of creating value through innovation, and for constantly occupying leadership positions in its cornerstone markets.

We invite you to explore our portfolio of products, services, and capabilities to discover the various ways we can add value to your business.

As a customer, consumer, or supplier, there are many ways that you can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

For over 70 years

Our main focus is to combine the highest quality products with unsurpassed customer service.

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Tri-Tex is supported by the resources, skills, and knowledge of over 200 employees in offices around the world.  

We offer a unique and diversified line of products and superior customer service.